Traverse City Christian School Dress Code

Staff and Students have the freedom to wear a variety of clothing to school provided that their choices of clothing meet the standards of modesty, neatness, good taste and appropriateness. The way one dresses is an expression of personality. It may be a healthy expression of creativity, but it may also reveal a rebellious spirit. Since learning is a formal activity, a student’s dress should be in keeping with an academic environment, reflecting a Christian attitude and outlook on life.

In general, clothing which is appropriate for an academic environment and part of the Christian life should support the “4 R’s”Reverent to God, Respectful to Others, Responsible for Self, and Ready to learn. Our guidelines for dress can tie right back in to one or more of these. For example, the reason we do not allow sweat pants and fitness pants is because we do not feel the students are “ready to learn” when dressed as such. T-shirts with inappropriate writing or other such items do not show a reverence to God. Dressing responsibly and with respect includes avoiding choices that are distracting to others – bagging pants, tight clothes, bare midriffs, shirt length, leggings as
pants, etc. Our goal is to promote healthy self-expression without calling undue attention to self or losing focus of our task.

Please note: while some fashion choices may be acceptable at home, the school is a community. Please respect that the administrator’s decision regarding interpretations of attire is final.

Guidelines for Ladies:

  •  At least one of the upper body garments being worn must be tucked in at all times or must be long enough to completely cover the waistband of the pant (at least 3 – 4 inches) regardless of movement. This means that if your midriff/back is showing at any time, you are in violation of the code.
  • Shirts and dresses must have a modest neckline with no cleavage visible.
  • Dresses, skirts, and clothing of like type that extend significantly past the fingertips when standing are probably O.K. Slits on the side, back, or front must not go past the knee.
  • Leggings and/or tights are not allowed as pants. This includes “Jeggings”.
  • Girls must avoid excessive make-up.

Guidelines for Gentlemen:

  • Pants must be worn at the waist in such a manner that undergarments should not be visible regardless of movement.
  • Guys’ hair, including facial hair must be neatly trimmed.

Additional Guidelines for All

  • Clothing must not be torn, ripped, or have holes.
  • Clothing nearest the body cannot be made of “see-through” materials.
  • No form-fitting clothing- except as worn under other clothing which adheres to the dress code.
  • Any upper garment must have a sleeve (girls may reduce this to a 3” strap and may have formal dresses with spaghetti straps) and
    cannot have an open back or sides. Tank tops are permitted if they are worn under a sleeved shirt.
  • Wording must not be offensive and cannot imply or condone references to drugs, alcohol, violence, or sexual innuendo.
  • Sweatshirt hoods are not to be worn in the classroom.
  • Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
  • No athletic pants of any kind are to be worn during class time other than physical education (unless there is a specified day).
  • All outdoor clothing and accessories (including baseball caps and sunglasses) should be stored in lockers and not worn in school.
  • Students involved with PE, after school practices and activities are expected to dress adhering to the spirit and design of this code as
    well. Bare backs for boys and only wearing sports bras for girls would be considered inappropriate.
  • Shorts (including athletic shorts) must be modest in length (mid-thigh) and not form fitting (like spandex).
  • Appropriate grooming and accessories will not draw undue attention to a person. All “outlandish” hairstyles, gothic make-up, piercings (except modest earrings), or tattoos are not permitted.
  • Students must also be in dress code at any class or athletic function (example-Graduation, Blessings Night, etc.) where the school is
  • Swimsuits -Girls must wear modest swimsuits (excluding bikinis- “tankinis” must cover the midriff) and boys must wear modest trunks.
  • These rules apply to every school day unless otherwise changed for a “Special Day”.
  • Special considerations due to safety or cultural norms on mission trips will be communicated when necessary.
  • The decision of the Administrator will be final on questions regarding attire.


  • Immediate change of clothes before student can return to class/event.
  • 2 strikes will be assigned (warnings will no longer be given).
  • Parent will receive email notification.