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Giving to Traverse City Christian School truly provides education for our future…for our next generation…

Gifts You Can Make Today…

Cash – is the most common form of charitable gift. If you regularly itemize your deductions, tax benefits are available for gifts of cash. This can bring welcome savings at tax time. Generally speaking, the higher your tax bracket, the greater your tax savings.

Giving property other than cash. What if the amount you wish to give exceeds the amount you feel you can give from your cash resources? Stocks, bond, mutual funds, real estate, and other properties can make excellent gifts to Traverse City Christian Schools. A gift of such assets may allow you to give with little or no effect on your current disposable income but still allow you to enjoy various tax incentives.

Gifts You Can Arrange Now To be Received Later…Legacy Giving…h4>

Giving through your will is a convenient way to leave a philanthropic legacy. After providing for your loved ones, you may decide to give a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or a portion of what remains after individuals have been remembered. Often a gift by will can be arranged simply with the addition of a codicil (amendment) to your existing will.

Giving through revocable living trusts may provide for management and final distribution of your assets. Charitable gifts can be a rewarding addition to living trusts. A simple amendment to a living trust can be all that is required to arrange a gift to Traverse City Christian Schools.

Gifts that give back. You can make a gift to Traverse City Christian Schools today and receive annual income for the remainder of your life (and perhaps that of a loved one as well) through the use of charitable remainder trusts and similar gift plans. These gifts also yield an income tax deduction in the year the gift is completed. They may be used effectively in planning retirement, caring for older relatives, and covering educational expenses for children or grandchildren.

Such gifts enable you to convert appreciated, low-yielding assets to a source of additional income without incurring capital gains tax at the time of the gift. You may even be able to plan your gift result in significant amounts of tax-free income.

Arranging a temporary gift. Did you know that you can set aside assets in what is known as a charitable lead trust? Payments from the trust go to Traverse City Christian Schools for the length of time you choose. The assets in the trust are then returned to you, your family, or others you choose.

Giving through life insurance can allow you to make a gift of assets you may no longer need for your family’s security. You can give existing policies or assign proceeds to be paid in part or in full to Traverse City Christian Schools. Simply name Traverse City Christian Schools as the beneficiary. Income and estate tax benefits may result from such a gift.

Giving through retirement plans. Individual retirement plans (IRAs), pensions, and profit sharing plans (among other methods of saving for retirement) may be appealing sources of gifts. If you have one or more retirement plans in which you have accumulated assets that will be subject to an estate tax of up to 55% at your death, in addition to income tax when received by your heirs, consider using these assets to fund a gift to Traverse City Christian Schools. The result can be significant savings to your heirs.

Charitable giving is a private decision, and yet it speaks volumes. A gift to Traverse Christian Schools says, “I believe in Christian education. I am committed to Christian learning. I want to make a difference in the world and for the Kingdom.”

Any number of reasons may have influenced your decision to give. You may want to express gratitude for your loving family, good health, financial success…support the Christian community in which you raised your children….acknowledge the Christian people that inspired you: the teacher who noticed your God-given talents, the staff that kindled your curiosity, the benefactors who provided financial aid, or expressing praise to our Maker.

Whatever your reasons or source of inspiration, you appreciate Christian education and building our children to be equipped now and in the future to do Kingdom work. You want others to experience that same benefit for their family and children. You want people to continue to become more Christ-like.

There are many ways you can make a difference at Traverse City Christian Schools. We can help you make that difference.

Gifts You Can Consider Today…

Personal circumstances will determine the best structure for your gift and the best way to accomplish your overall philanthropic goals. Traverse City Christian Schools will be happy to address your questions in confidence and offer suggestions. You may contact us at:

Craig O’Connor
Director of Mission Advancement

Traverse City Christian School
753 Emerson Rd
Traverse City, MI 49696

Phone: 231-929-1747 Ext 128