“One thing that really inspired me was a painting of Jesus done by the fourth grade class. When I am feeling bad, mad, sad or sick, I look at that painting, and it reminds me that I am a child of God and our God is the cure for everything. ”
~ Hannah
“Each of our plays and musicals has challenged me to become a better actor.  They have taught me many important life lessons throughout the years. Without being involved in them, I know I would not be the same person I am today.”
~ Tyler

High School Arts

With our arts programs we strive to teach the sovereignty of God and train up artists who lead worship, become missionaries and communicate the Gospel through their music, art and theatre.

Worship Team

One of the more special parts of each week at TCCS, and that which set TCCS apart from just about every other school in our community, is our Thursday morning Chapel service which is led by a talented group of instrumentalists, and singers. We rehearse on Monday and Wednesday afternoon’s during 8th hour, and gather early Thursday morning’s to set up and prepare for that day’s chapel service. Each student is given opportunities to learn worship planning, fundamentals, and given the opportunity to rotate through being worship leaders. All this as we work to prepare our young men and women to be future leaders with in the church!

High School Choir

Traverse City Christian High School Choir is a group of students who enjoy singing and performing in a choir/small group setting. We practice once a week and spend time at home listening to our plunked parts on a CD to ‘work’ the pieces more. We have a yearly concert with choral and show choir numbers including a variety of small group and solo songs.

During choir time we work on the choral numbers. For students who want to do more, we have the ‘Sabre Singers’. This is the ‘and then some’ group who do the movement pieces, small group and solo songs. They work after school, during lunch hour, or study hall depending on everyone’s schedule. We have been able to perform for a variety of Christian speakers, for nursing homes, graduation, grandparents day, celebrations, fund raisers and for the community during the holidays.

Our Goals for High School Choir are:

  1. To understand all the elements of music
  2. Theory = note value, written music, symbols, vocabulary, rhythm, pitch, ear training (intervals, major/minor scales & chords), history
  3. To sing properly
  4. Vocals= stretching, breathing, exercising, interpretation (through inner monologue, diction, imagination/drama exercises)
  5. To learn the skill of performing including style, mood, emotion, history, & movement.
“Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father
for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Eph 5

Home Schooler Are Welcome

We are pleased to have made it possible for home school students to take part in Traverse City Christian Schools’ Arts Programs, for grades 6-12.

Middle/High School students must be in accordance with our Home School Program, which includes a $100 enrollment fee.

If you are interested in participating in our Arts Education please call our school office: