Order Hot Lunch

Ordering hot lunch at TCCS could not be more simple! Use the link to the left and simply log-in to your Sycamore account to place your child’s hot lunch order.

 Please follow these steps to place a hot lunch order.

Orders must be placed PRIOR to the desired lunch day.  Unfortunately Sycamore will not allow a lunch order to be placed from home the day of.


1.  Sign into Sycamore
2.  Go To My Accounting
3.  Under Cafeteria Choose Orders
4.  Place Order By Hitting The Submit Button

Please note: while under the “cafeteria” tab you may choose the accounts link to view your child’s current lunch balance

TCCS Hot Lunch Program is a Pre-Paid Program. Please make sure there are sufficient funds in your family account for your students to order.

To order lunch online in the Sycamore program:  Log in as a parent, go to My Accounting/My Cafeteria Orders.  This will bring you to a screen with two tabs labeled Meal Orders and Ala Carte to make your selections.  Ordering through Sycamore must be pre-ordered prior to the day of that lunch.  You must press “UPDATE” in the blue box in the top right corner to submit your order.  Milk purchases will be scanned at the lunch counter and charged to family accounts. Students also have the opportunity to order the day of in their classroom.

All families are asked to carry a credit balance.  Simply send a check or money in an envelope marked “lunch” with family name and bring to the office.   If you have any questions, please contact Deb Gleason, at 929-1747, ext. 143.  No lunch orders are accepted after 9:00 am at school for that specific day.  Students that are not on the list for that day will be sent to the end of the lunch line until all those that did order are served.  If there are extra meals at that time, those students will be able to charge a meal.