Traverse City Christian School – Our Story


Our elementary grades were established in 1979 as Living God Christian School and in 2005 became a parent-run school, called Cornerstone Christian School. In 1995 a separate entity, Traverse City Christian School, was organized by a group of Christian parents who desired a junior high and high school which provided academic excellence infused with a Christian worldview. In the spring of 2008, the two schools voted to form the first unified pre-k through 12th grade interdenominational school in the Grand Traverse region, Traverse City Christian Schools.  During the summer of 2011 we combined all grades under one roof.

About Us

Our school system consists of three major educational components: the pre-k and elementary school consisting of pre-k through grade 5, the middle school consisting of grades 6-8, and the high school consisting of grades 9-12.

Our 26-acre main campus is centrally located just south of Traverse City and serves the immediate tri-county area. This campus hosts a state-of-the-art building which features a central library, computer labs, cafeteria, regulation-sized gym and stage, a regulation baseball and softball diamonds, tennis courts, soccer field and a welcoming atmosphere.  There is a playground for our elementary students.

Students come to TCCS from nine area school districts and represent about twenty-five different area churches.

Arrangements have been secured at specific drop-off and pick-up sites throughout the public school district for families wanting to take advantage of public school busing.

Mission Statement

The school(s) exists to provide a nurturing environment of academic excellence which is Christ-centered in its focus.  The school(s) is committed to equipping all students to develop their own unique God-given potential and stewardship toward God, concerning themselves, the world around them and mankind.

Core Values

  • Biblically Christian – The Bible, God’s inspired, inerrant Word for all of life, will be the foundational authority for all educational programs.  It will be presented to students as their source of spiritual guidance and direction for a life fulfilling God’s purposes.
  • Christian Worldview – All academic, spiritual formation, fine arts, athletics, and other programs will be taught based upon a biblically Christian philosophy of education.  This philosophy will apply the story of Scripture (creation, fall, redemption, and fulfillment) to learning, culture, and the world, thus proclaiming the Lordship of Christ in all of life.
  • Quality Education -A biblically Christian worldview teaches that striving for excellence is a form of worship, a reasonable service unto the Lord.  Quality, therefore, will be the school’s goal for all programs and the school’s expectation of all personnel.
  • Relationships – A Christian school is a learning community of closely associated students, families, personnel, alumni, supporters, and friends.   To honor God and to fulfill the school’s mission, it will be essential for these relationships to always be characterized by unity and a lived-out faith.

Our Vision

“We will become the school of choice for quality pre-k through 12th grade Christian education in the greater Grand Traverse region.”

Our Board

Members of the TCCS Board of Trustees are elected by the TCCS membership each year at the annual meeting of the membership. Board members are required to meet requirements in order to be elected to the Board of Trustees.   Board member requirements include:

  • Be a member of the Association in good standing.
  • Have a proven record of support for Christian education both in principle and in practice.
  • Personally agree with each area of the Statement of Faith contained in Article II of our bylaws and be active in a local, Christian church body and have the written recommendation from the applicant’s church pastor.
The Board of Trustees humbly embraces its role and the trust placed in its care by the TCCS membership. It strives to advance the mission of Traverse City Christian Schools, which is to prepare students as effective servants of Christ in contemporary society. In order to advance this mission, members of the Board pledge to live lives reflective of Christ’s character and seek God’s will in the decisions it makes regarding educational programs it provides children in Preschool-12th grade each year.