Our Preschool

Preschool is a wonderful beginning to a student’s school career.  Our preschool programs are designed to address children’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, creative, and physical development.  Children will be provided with a safe and nurturing atmosphere where they will grow and develop.  Each student is seen as a child of God and will be taught according to his/her needs. There will be opportunities for children to learn through active play and exploration.  Children will also be introduced to routines and social rules that will help them be successful at school and in life.

Pre-Kindergarten Program:

The Pre-K class is designed for older 3’s, 4’s and young 5’s to help prepare them for kindergarten.  The nurturing, play-based environment promotes children’s growth in social/emotional, academic, physical, and spiritual areas of development.  Children’s knowledge of God and His love for them is fostered through Bible stories, prayer, and encouragement from caring Christian teachers.  Pre-K activities provide learning and play opportunities to address each child’s individual needs, with an emphasis on building a foundation for literacy and positive social interaction.

This program is for older 3’s, 4’s and 5 year olds who plan to attend kindergarten in the fall, Pre-K students must turn 3 by March 1st of the school year in which they enter the program.  This year we have preschool available Monday Through Friday, full day. There is optional half-day enrollment for 3 year olds. Exceptions may be discussed with the administration.

More information?

If interested in this program email us email us  or call 231-929-1747.