Shop With Scrip

Why should I participate in the ShopWithScrip Program?

The Scrip Program allows you to purchase gift cards to shop at various stores throughout the area and online. They spend just like cash (though no actual change is given). Gift Cards are purchased through TCCS from Great Lakes Script Center. TCCS retains 1% of the discounted rate for processing costs and the rest of the participant’s discount rate is applied to your family’s tuition.

How do I order the Script Gift Cards?

The merchant/retailer’s list is located on the website. All orders must be entered online and paid with a debit/credit card through PrestoPay. A $0.15 transaction fee will be added for each order. Orders must be entered by Monday mornings at 10:00am for processing and will be available for pick up on Thursday’s after Noon of the same week in the TCCS office. No order forms or payments will be handled through the school office.

Who is eligible to participate in the Script Program?

Anyone can participate! This is a voluntary program but it can help in reducing your child’s tuition. The idea is simple…the more you use the program, the more you will save. Involve grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, church members, etc.

What are the policies?

  1. Orders will be placed on Monday mornings after 10:00am. They will be ready for for pick up in the school’s office on Thursday after Noon of the same week.
  1. A minimum of $750 total school-wide orders is required for processing on a weekly basis.
  1. If your PrestoPay payment is returned or rejected for any reason, a $30 fee will be charged.
  1. You cannot use Script cards to pay on a store’s credit card/account, EXCEPT forKohl’s. However, Kohl’s account payments MUST be made in person at the store! Kohl’s gift cards are not accepted as payment online or through the mail.
  1. Retailer’s reserve the right to periodically change the format for use of their cards or certificates. You will be made aware of any changes as we know them.
  1. The SCRIPT fiscal year operates from March – April; however, you can sign up at anytime. In April, you will receive a letter showing the amount accrued throughout the year with the Script program. At that time, you will be able to designate how you want those monies allocated (tuition, enrollment fees, or book/supply fees).
  1. Should a student(s) be un-enrolled, SCRIPT balances will not be transferred to any other organization.

If you have any questions, please email Nicole Beebe at or call 231 276-6136.