Traverse City Christian School – Spiritual Life

Our goal at TCCS is to provide our students with an education for heart, mind and soul.  We seek to integrate faith with every aspect of life and learning, and in so doing, we hope to nurture their spiritual lives in ways that bring depth and breadth.

We encourage students to grow in their personal relationship to the God Who has revealed Himself in the Bible as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We regularly engage students in prayer, chapel services, class devotions and impromptu discussions about what it means to live out one’s faith with integrity.


We prompt students to understand themselves in the light of God’s Word:

• as sinners in need of a Savior;
• as children of God who have been redeemed;
• as unique members of Christ’s body who possess an array of gifts and talents.


We cultivate in students an awareness of those around them:

• within the school;
• within the local church;
• within the community;
• within our nation;
• within the world.
We provide opportunities for them to serve in a variety of settings:

• helping to feed the homeless locally;
• traveling to hurricane-ravaged communities in need of hope and help;
• taking a Senior-year mission trip abroad;
• and many other outreach avenues.
We want our students to develop a servant mentality, realizing that the gifts God has given them are to be used for His glory.

Elementary Chapel

Elementary Chapel is celebrated every Monday and Friday mornings.  Students in kindergarten through 5th Grade praise God with song and in different formats. We have guest speakers and our TCCS drama teams come to enrich our chapel experience at various times throughout the year.

Middle School & High School Chapel

Our middle and high school students gather each week on Thursday morning for chapel at 8:45a.m. Our chapel is open to parents and friends of TCCS and we encourage your to join us on!